Why is the ankle hurt and swollen? (Part 2)

2. Swollen ankles

  • Causes of swollen ankles

Swollen ankles are more common in pregnant women, and this is a completely normal phenomenon. However, if the ankle is suddenly swollen and edged too much, it may be pre-eclampsia. Patients should especially monitor and detect early, accompanied by swollen ankles is the phenomenon of abdominal pain, headache, vomiting, …

In addition, injuries to the feet and ankles cause ligaments to stretch beyond normal levels, resulting in swollen ankles. More dangerous is the case of ankle swelling due to lymphedema. Lymph edema comes from problems of lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes. When there is obstruction to the flow of lymph it will cause swelling in the ankles. This condition is common in patients on radiation therapy for cancer, or undergoing lymph node removal procedures.

Mắt cá chân bị đau do đâu?

Ankle joint infection is also one of the most common causes of ankle swelling. Or blood clots cause blood flow from the legs to the heart to be blocked in the leg veins, which clogs many veins, stops blood flow and causes swelling of the ankles.

Some of the conditions that cause swollen ankles are kidney failure, which causes impaired kidney function and the loss of protein in the urine. Heart disease causes fluid buildup due to salt and water retention, which in turn causes excessive swelling in the ankles, and hypertension is another reason for ankles swelling.

Yếu tố khiến mắt cá chân bị đau
  • How to treat swollen ankles

To cope with this situation, you should take adequate rest, use ice packs or compresses. If you have done all the above measures and do not get better, you should go to specialized clinics for X-rays, doctors will diagnose and treat.

Currently, the RICE method is a reliable method being applied in the treatment of lesions and eliminating swelling. Specifically: cold compress several times a day, 15 minutes each time to control bleeding and body fluids, then squeeze – use a bandage or support to fix the ankle. Lift your feet – keep your ankles high, and relax your feet to help translate the translation out, constantly following this RICE method for 3 to 5 days.

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