Why is the ankle hurt and swollen? (Part 1)

The ankle is the place where many nerves and muscles tend to run through, so this is also a place where common conditions such as painful ankle, swollen ankle.

Let’s find out about these ankle manifestations and treatments are most effective through the following article.

1. Sore ankle

Persistent, painful ankle is one of the first signs of arthritis. Patients often suffer from ankle pain, making it difficult to walk daily.

Besides, there are many other causes of ankle pain:

  • Cause ankle pain

Injury to the ankle during labor, playing sports causes the ankle to hurt, especially when overactive, the pain is only temporarily stopped at rest. If the ankle is left out for a long time, it can become inflamed and lead to degeneration of the ankle joint.

Overweight and obesity cause body weight to become overloaded, putting pressure on the ligaments in the ankles, causing imbalance and gradually weakening, this condition causes the ankle to be broken hurt.

Mắt cá chân bị đau do đâu?

Finally, the cause of the ankle pain is due to a factor in the ankle axis deviation, or this is due to a genetic factor. At this time, the structure connecting the axes of the hip – thigh bone – knee joint – lower leg – ankle joint – the foot is dislocated, when moving, it creates the impact of uneven distribution. This causes pain in the ankle, especially when exercising or standing for too long.

  • How to treat a sore ankle

When the ankle first appears painful, the patient should handle immediately, avoiding for too long to make the disease worse to inflammation. First, apply ice to the sore ankle for 15-20 minutes, continue to apply several times until the pain subsides.

Need to build physical therapy exercises, relaxation exercises to help ease the pain in the ankles. Combine with foot massage after training.

Besides, patients should also have a scientific diet to replenish nutrients for the body and maintain moderate weight, to avoid overweight and obesity. Avoid alcoholic stimulants such as beer, alcohol, cigarettes.

Yếu tố khiến mắt cá chân bị đau

It is best not to go barefoot or wear too much high heels, the patient should wear shoes with soles that elevate the arch, hug the soles of the feet to create a sense of certainty, comfort the foot, increase blood circulation, and reduce pressure on the ankle pain as well as prevent disease switch to arthritis ankle heavy.

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