What is the effect of the ankle?

The ankle consists of the inner ankle and outer ankle.

The inner ankle belongs to the lower end of the tibial plateau. The tibial plateau has 3 faces: the underside, the outer surface and the inside. The lower surface of the joint is contiguous to the snail bone, the outer surface has lacerations, the inner surface extends down to lower than the other faces, creating the inner ankle. On the inner ankle, there are ankle grooves and ankle joints.

The outer ankle is the triangular lower head of the fibula. The outer ankle is located about 1cm lower than the ankle. The back of the outer ankle has an eye groove that allows the ligament to pass through, at the top there is an outer ankle fossa for thick ligament of the slug and the ankle joint surface to the bone.

In casual language, the ankle only refers to the ankle area. In Medicine, when it comes to the ankle, you probably refer to the ankle area, which is the junction between the foot and the foot.

The joints include:

• On the side of the slug, the joint surface is the snail pulley including the upper face, inner ankle and outer ankle. The three corresponding joint faces of the shin bone are: the lower joint surface of the tibial plateau meets the upper surface of the slug pulley, the ankle joint surface of the ankle surface of the tibial bone is the outer surface of the inner ankle , the ankle joint on the inner side of the outer ankle matches the outer ankle of the slug. The joints between the tibial plateau and the slug bear more gravity than the fibula. The tibia and fibula fit snugly on the snail pulley, the lower outer ankle catches the inner fish, protecting the outer ligaments of the ankle, helping to prevent out displacement.

• Joint covering is strengthened by ligaments on the outer and inner surface of the joint, including: delta ligaments, slug-heel ligaments, slug ligaments, heel-ligaments.

The ankle supports great weight, supports the weight of the entire body, makes an important contribution to the function of the lower extremities.

 The ankle is the part connecting the legs and feet, the system of joints and ligaments in the ankle area helps the foot perform flexible movements. The movements occur in three planes, known as tipping and turning. Tummy twists include movements: external twisting, foot shape and flexion. Back rotation involves inner, closed, and flexed heel movements.

The ankle is a vulnerable site. To protect your ankles, practice the following living habits:

• Warm up well before exercising, especially when playing sports that require vigorous exercise such as bale dance, tennis, soccer, and martial arts. Practice the right techniques and methods. If the intensity of exercise should increase gradually, do not increase the weight, the frequency of exercise too suddenly.Select shoes of the right size, sneakers that do not fit or are too worn can lead to risk of falls, fractures.

• Eat a variety of calcium-rich foods and supplements such as milk, cheese, yogurt and vitamin D to prevent the risk of osteoporosis.

• If you have ankle injuries, you should go to reputable medical facilities for examination and treatment. Although simple, the mechanism of trauma can cause ankle fractures, open joints, requiring surgery. Self-treatment should not be done at home with traditional methods such as manipulation of joints, leaf covering, etc. Injuries that are not handled and promptly treated will cause many complications and much more difficult to treat.

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