What are the treatments for ankle pain?

Your ankle must constantly move and bear the weight of the body so they are very vulnerable. When you have ankle pain, pain can make it difficult to walk.

So what are the effective treatments for ankle pain that help you get rid of this condition? Please refer to the information below to get a comfortable answer!

Effective ways to treat ankle pain

1. Medicine

Some anti-inflammatory medications may help relieve pain such as ibuprofen and naproxen. They can reduce swelling and reduce pain. If these over-the-counter medications do not work, your doctor may prescribe a number of other medications to make the pain stronger. Cortisone injections can be used, but they can only provide temporary relief.

2. Apply hot or cold packs

Using cold or hot compresses is a common way to treat ankle pain. Cold can reduce the size of blood vessels, reduce inflammation in the ankles. High temperatures can increase the size of blood vessels, boosting blood supply to damaged tissue. Hot or cold compresses can then be used to relieve pain and swelling in the ankles. Apply an ankle for 10−15 minutes every 2−3 hours. Be careful when using this method as it may cause burns and damage your skin.

3. Physiotherapy

A number of special exercises can be applied to help you increase your motor skills, minimize limitations and restore ankle flexibility. Exercises can also help stretch and strengthen the muscles in the ankle. Low-impact exercises like brisk walking, cycling, or swimming are helpful for improving blood flow.

4. Use the foot orthotics

In the event that your sprains recur many times and the pains appear and do not get better, your doctor may apply foot orthotic. This is a specially designed sole that is placed in the shoe or attached on the sole of a sandals or strap sandals to stabilize the feet and ankles, so that you can exercise normally.

5. Lifestyle changes

Small changes in your life will also help treat ankle pain. You will see a significant improvement in your symptoms.

• Minimize or avoid activities that may make the pain worse, such as running or playing basketball;

• Weight loss.

You can wear some orthopedic support such as special shoes, crutches or braces that can help reduce pain as you move around, keep your ankles fixed and protect your ankle from hurt by sudden movements. This can promote the healing process.

6. Surgical treatment

If your condition is causing severe pain and is unable to walk, or if non-surgical treatments are not effective; Your doctor may recommend surgery. Surgical treatment is used to improve ankle problems. But it takes a long time (4−9 months) for you to fully recover. Surgery can be painful and uncomfortable for you.

After surgery, your doctor may recommend to use ankle rehabilitation therapy. After that, you can return to normal activities, but you must wear an orthopedic shoe within a few weeks.

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