Three injuries are common when playing volleyball

Almost all of us know that playing volleyball is a very good thing. The benefits that volleyball brings us a lot. But besides the benefits, there are injuries that hardly anyone anticipates.

With injuries that from playing volleyball shows mainly about the shoulders and hands. Playing volleyball primarily we use the strength of our shoulders and hands primarily, but in addition there is the bounce of the legs when jumping. So the injury is impossible to foresee. For people playing volleyball that is one of their worries, because no one can tell.


Hand injury is one of the most common schools in volleyball advocacy. Due to athletes during training and competition, when athletes perform a rescue when the ball is about to touch the ground. Common types of hand injuries include wrist, finger, and hand muscle injuries. The symptom when you have an injury is doing heavy lifting or simply stretching your arm but it still hurts. If you notice, after a long time of practicing your fingers, your wrists will swell and bruise. The best way to treat hand wounds is to buy bandages to recover from tendon and joint injuries. If you’re exercising, stop playing immediately and apply ice to the spot. If you are seriously injured, see a doctor immediately to check the situation.


In case of a shoulder injury, athletes have to knock the ball and perform operations too quickly or improperly with techniques that could lead to injury. With the symptoms of the injury is also very noticeable that you feel pain, can not move vigorously, even may be red and swollen,… Before you practice, do the warm-up exercise. best and when you have an injury you should stop practicing if you do not want the injury to be more serious. When injured, give first aid as soon as possible and seek medical attention.


As for foot injuries, it’s often because your knee joints or ankles are twisted so hard, your legs don’t have time to think. A broken ligament in the knee area, sprained or torn foot. First of all, you should stop playing immediately when this phenomenon, apply ice to the area of ​​pain, note, when the leg joint pain, do not rub too much or too much activity in the leg area. Use bandages or crutches to avoid hurting your leg area.

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