Sprains – simple prevention and cure experience

A sprain is one of the most common injuries for athletes. To better understand this issue, we will share with you the most important information in the article below.

Ankle sprain

Flip the ankle, also known as ankle flap, a tear or tear in the ankle. This is a common injury mainly played by people playing sports activities such as soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball, badminton or also can suffer injuries in daily life due to a car fall, sliding the stairs,…

Symptoms of ankle sprain

When the impact of external forces on the foot, if you experience the following symptoms, prove that you have an injury of turning the ankle shirt:

  • The ankle will be dislocated, swollen and cause pain and difficulty walking. Sometimes this symptom is sometimes also called sprained ankle.
  • If the tendon is broken or torn, it will feel very painful, may be swollen or non-swollen, difficult to walk and ankle operations.
  • When these symptoms appear, it is necessary to timely and properly treatment will make the wound completely healed quickly. Otherwise it will leave unpredictable sequelae such as chronic ankle loosening or it can take a long time to fully recover.
  • Effective treatment of foot sprains

Treatment of initial injury: You must stop exercising and exercise immediately after injury and use ice to apply to the ankle for at least 10 minutes, and use a bandage to press the ankle and lift the foot up. If it is too painful, please go to the nearest hospital to be checked and treated promptly by a doctor.

Wrist sprain

A wrist sprain is an injury that causes the wrist to be flipped to one side, causing damage to the common tendons that are ligaments. The cause of the wrist sprain is due to excessive vigorous wrist activity or heavy lifting.

Usually, the sprain of the wrist will have the following:

  • Mild severity: the tendon is only torn or stretched slightly, causing mild pain, less swelling and can move the wrist gradually.
  • Moderate: in this case, the ligament is partially torn, if you listen carefully, you can hear the tear. The wrist will become swollen, bruised, and difficult to move.
  • Severe: at this time, the ligament will be completely broken, the joints become loose, causing immediate pain. The wrist area is swollen, heavy bruised and unable to move.

Some considerations when overturned the wrist joint

When a wrist is turned over, any activity must be stopped immediately and if a serious condition occurs, it should be taken to the hospital immediately.

Avoid the following actions:

  • Massaging with hot oil will make the area more swollen and painful.
  • Incorrectly pulling the wrist will make the wound worse or bleed.
  • Keep moving will make your shirt flip condition worse
  • A bundle of medications or injections without a doctor’s instructions could cause the wound to become infected.
  • When detecting a flipped wrist shirt, the first thing you should do is apply ice to the sore spot for about 15 to 20 minutes, doing it 4 to 5 times continuously. Then with a brace splint to avoid too tight will limit blood circulation. You can buy beautiful tapes outside the pharmacy to avoid infected dressings that cause skin infections.
  • If, after the first-aid operation, you still feel that the knuckles become more loose or painful, you should go to the nearest medical facility for timely examination and treatment.
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