Some notes for people with ankle arthritis

Ankle arthritis is the phenomenon of soft tissue around the infected joint, causing inflammation.

Currently, ankle arthritis is increasingly showing signs of rejuvenation, common in most young office workers. Ankle arthritis not only causes inflammation, soreness, impairment of motor function, but also causes problems for patients.

Patients with ankle arthritis should pay attention to the following habits:

Maintain a reasonable weight:

Sudden weight gain is a major cause of some bone and joint diseases. Because the weight changes rapidly, the joints are under great pressure, in which the ankle joint is a vulnerable position. Therefore, to prevent arthritis, everyone should build their own diet. Avoid ready-to-eat foods, foods high in animal fat, alcohol, cigarettes, carbonated drinks, high sugar foods, etc. Because they can make your weight increase dramatically.


Choose shoes that match your feet:

Women often have a habit of using high heels for a longtime, but this inadvertently causes the ankles to hurt because it increases the pressure on the feet, hinders blood circulation and makes the ankles joints wrong posture for a long time. There are also many cases where we use shoes of the wrong size, shoes are too tight for the legs to be tight and put pressure on the ankles. Therefore, we encourage you to use the right size shoes, avoid high heels and always clean shoes to avoid being attacked by fungi.


Take time to massage your feet and rest when your leg hurts:

Moving a lot, walking or standing for too long can cause an ankle pain. Symptoms of arthritis may also be formed during this time. Standing or walking greatly increases pressure on the joints of the legs and makes the joints hurt. Therefore, take about 20 minutes a day to massage your feet,ankles and joints, and take a break when moving or standing for more than 2 hours to limit the pain. Soaking warm water for your feet before going to bed is also a way to help your feet relax and sleep better.


Abandoning the squat habit:

Squatting is a bad habit because it puts pressure directly on the ankle. When you squat, most of your body weight goes to your feet and puts a great pressure on your ankle. Instead of squatting, use a chair to sit properly when wearing shoes.

Practice sports:

Exercise properly and appropriately will help your legs become stronger and stronger. Choose exercises like yoga, swimming or cycling to help your ankle joint stay healthy and limit some inflammatory problems.


Ankle arthritis is a manifestation of many dangerous diseases and has a direct effect on motor function. Therefore, do not be subjective when experiencing unusual symptoms in this important joint position.

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