Some effective tips to avoid injury in football

Players can experience any type of injury if they do not pay attention to the steps and how to handle the ball. There are even many players who have to retire from their careers because of injury.

Not only know the technique of handling, dribbling and shooting, players also need to know how to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Many situations where an opponent deliberately blocks the ball may result in serious ACL injuries. The best way to protect your feet from time to time is not to get too greedy.

It’s rare for anyone not to have an injury while playing football, but you can minimize your risk of injury with some of the tips below.

1. Warm-up

A basic boot will significantly reduce injury. When booted well, you will have a certain readiness to start playing football. You want to play as soon as possible, but starting 20-30 minutes ago can prevent injury from ending your career.


2. Become flexible

In order to be flexible in the game, a player needs to perform stretching exercises both before and after playing the ball. The movement also helps them relax and move the upper body signals to prepare for the ball-handling phase.

3. Using the body

Your chances of being injured will increase if you are fouled by another player. Therefore, learn how to shield so you can protect yourself. Strengthen the upper body as much as possible. The stronger you get, the harder it is for other players to take you down. Exercising healthy muscles also helps to protect the ligaments more flexibility and no injury.

4. Drag the ball over the opponent

Dribble and tackle the ball before the opponent. They will make it difficult for you to make a mistake from behind unless they are forced to make a mistake to prevent a dangerous ball. In this situation, the referee will be shown a yellow or red card from the referee.

Most fouls that lead to injuries happen when an opponent is next to you. When you dribble well, and jump over the clearance with the opponent’s feet, you will also make it difficult for the defender to catch up with you to steal the ball.


5. Use your hands to protect

Your arm can be used to prevent injury. This does not mean that you will use your hand to play the ball, except in situations where injury may be too dangerous.

You can use your arms to create more space between you and your opponent. Touching your opponent with your arm will also help you determine their position to avoid and shield the ball more effectively.

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