Some Common Foot Injuries In Sports

If football players often suffer from software injuries and leg fractures, runners are prone to foot and blistering. Tennis players are more vulnerable to shoulder injuries and wrestlers often suffer from knee injuries.

1. The trauma is common in football players

Muscle sores include muscle tension, muscle stiffness, muscle tears and sprains. Muscle tears can cause internal bleeding and inflammation, causing the player to pause playing. Sprain is also common with football players; Symptoms may suddenly or appear slowly (usually due to not being fully stretched before running), possibly accompanied by subcutaneous hemorrhage. More severe software trauma is the tendon rupture, muscle, ligament, especially in the knee or tendon, requiring surgical treatment.

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When a person falls or collides directly with another player, the risk of fractures of the foot, leg, and head fractures is very high. And strong head blows in a tight, repetitive posture can also cause significant pressure on the neck vertebrae, even fracture or displacement of the neck vertebrae, compression of the neck or its sutra root.

2. The injury in runners

These people often suffer from limbs, blisters. Seismic seizures are more common in people who have abnormalities in the structure of their feet, such as flat feet or too concave. Therefore, it is necessary to fix shoes properly by adding padding to reduce the load on the foot.

After a long marathon, the athlete may have a hematoma under the toe. It is bleeding due to injury under the toenail, swelling of the toe and a lot of pain. The cause of damage is too tight shoes. For treatment, blood clots need to be removed, sometimes to remove the toenails.

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Foot pain is also common (headache of the foot bone, mainly from finger 1 to finger 3). Pain often occurs in waves after running at long distances. To prevent disease, it is necessary to switch to the way of running the toe – the heel. Long-distance runners who suddenly change distance or terrain may have a fracture in the tibia and pelvic head position from 1 to 3, femoral neck fracture.

Another common type of injury is Achilles tendon inflammation due to increased prolonged pressure, which can be pain along the tendon length. The tendon is swollen, hot, some cases may feel crunchy and grain in the tendon. Patients should limit running, use crutches in severe cases, stone pressure, hot and cold baths, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ultrasound, laser. Sometimes need to remove seeds in tendons.

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To prevent running injuries, it is important to choose the right type of shoes. Running shoes should be of a moderate size, enough room for the toes, help to limit foot wounds and cause hematoma under the toenails. The shoe lining on the back of the right foot must be padded to avoid damage to the stretched tendon and stimulate the muzzle. The lower cushion is thick enough to prevent collision, the heels need to be wide, thick and soft, high enough to avoid damage to the Achilles tendon and long enough to prevent external or excessive foot movements. In addition, athletes need an appropriate stretching program, avoid hard running surfaces, sudden changes in running mode.

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