Signs of pain in the body should not be ignored (Part 1)

No matter where and when you experience pain, you should not ignore it because if it is not diagnosed and treated early, any disease, even mild, can become severe.

Sore ankle

Strong movements during aerobic exercise can cause you to sprain your ankle. If you try to take pain and don’t skip exercise, you may have a mild to severe ligament sprain. Mild sprains can be treated by resting, applying ice and laying high feet. If the ankle is only painful, it may be due to tendonitis. Until the pain is over, you need to avoid heavy exercises like swimming and cycling.

However, if you can’t stand it when you stand up and have a severe feeling of hurting your ankle, you should see a doctor and have an x-ray because you may have a broken bone.

Pain in the middle and upper back

Slight pain between the shoulder blades during weight lifting may be due to improper weight lifting. If the speed is not calculated correctly, lifting too fast can cause spinal pain. Use weights that are appropriate for your strength. However, if you experience sharp pain or shortness of breath, see your doctor immediately. In some cases, pain between the shoulder blades may even be a sign of a heart attack.

Shoulder pain

When lifting heavy objects, you hear a light creak from the shoulder, you may have a sprain or muscle injury. Arthritis or bursitis may also cause pain. With a mild sprain, ice can be applied, avoiding strong exercise.

However, if you feel your shoulders are about to fall or show signs of swelling, you may have had another serious injury and need to see a doctor.

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