Signs in the leg warn extremely dangerous disease (Part 1)

When your feet show these abnormalities, you should seek immediate medical attention because it is the body’s warning about dangerous diseases you may have.

Painful, swollen ankle feels like electric shock.

Kidney disease can be caused because when the kidneys are not working properly, excess fluid will be difficult to pass out of the body, causing edema. If the area around your ankles is swollen or you feel pain that looks like an electric shock, then you probably have kidney disease.

Cold feet

If you are cold often, you should see a doctor to determine the cause, because there are many dangerous health problems that cause cold feet, such as: underactive thyroid, urinary sugar or anemia as poor circulation.

Leg swelling

Swelling in the legs and under your foot area can often appear if you have to stand for long periods so that many people quite subjective symptoms. However, swelling of the legs is also a symptom of many other dangerous conditions in the body such as:

– Heart disease: Many symptoms appear in people with heart disease that can cause fluid or fluid in the body to become trapped in the legs and lower leg area.

Problems with veins: Vein abnormalities can result in an inability to pump blood in a way that is consistent with the normal rule, leading to blood rushing into the leg, making the leg feel swollen.

Problems with the lymphatic system: Lymph nodes and blood vessels in the body help carry fluids around the body. 

– The issue of Liver: The phenomenon of swelling of legs appear may be due to liver inability to generate enough protein in their blood.


Dry feet Skin is not only a fungal infection or sensitivity, but it could also be caused by a problem with the circulatory system that prevents the skin from getting the blood it needs.


deformity of the foot Altered foot shape is a sign of diabetes as diabetic nerve damage can lead to deformity of the foot. As complications Charcot makes feet swollen and red. Gradually the foot and toe bones can become dislodged, even broken, giving the foot a strange shape.

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