Reduce Foot Pain Without Medication

Foot pain is a symptom that originates from many different causes. The pain torments you every day, especially when the weather gets cold, the pain becomes more and more intense, affecting the daily life and daily life of the patient.

The cause of foot pain

There are many causes of soreness, if in women, foot pain often comes from the habit of wearing high heels, then in men due to wearing inappropriate shoe size.

Overweight and overweight also increase pressure on the feet, causing pain. In addition, those who are carrying arthritis and joint pain are sure to have more or less foot pain symptoms.

Usually, when foot pain “strikes”, you will”ask” for foot massage or ice packs in place. However, this method only works temporarily but does not cure the root of the disease.

Here are 2 folk tips to help you get rid of your foot aches very effectively. Effective solutions for all the causes mentioned above.

Potatoes reduce foot pain for 8 days

Just a single ingredient of potatoes, this common food will help you stop foot pain within 8 days of application. Note, please do it in the evening.

You need to prepare about 3-4 potatoes, moderate size, not too big nor small. Peel, rinse and shred all prepared potatoes. After that,place the correctly chopped potatoes in the sore position on the soles of the feet, fix them with gauze and bring them into socks. Leave it overnight and rinse it early in the morning.

Performing the same operation within 8 days, you will feel the difference the first time you apply, persistence, foot pain will end on the last day.

Reduced foot pain by salt and honey for 10 days

If you don’t like potatoes, try another method that has the same effect including salt and honey. Salt and honey are known for their effective anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. Much used in curing bone-related diseases.

Mix a mixture of honey and salt at a ratio of 1: 1, to avoid waste, mix a moderate amount. After that, stir well. Apply salt and honey mixture to the sore feet. Quickly apply this mixture to the area of ​​the sore feet, fix it with a clean gauze pad, keep it overnight. Performed for 10 consecutive days, symptoms of foot pain will quickly relieve.

Wish you happy life with the suggestions above!

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