Ossur Rebound Ankle Brace

Hinged Ankle Brace

Have you been wearing a walker boot or cast, and are ready now to move into an ankle brace? If this describes you, or if you have limited range of motion due to high ankle sprains, then this hinged ankle brace by Ossur is an orthosis you should consider.

Also, if following rehabilitation after surgery, you are still having issues with the stability of your ankle or foot, then this outstanding AFO brace by Ossur will make walking a whole lot easier for you. Plus, this  ankle brace will help prevent further problems to your injured area.

High ankle sprains are more severe than lower ones, and take longer to heal. You want to make sure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible. The right ankle foot orthosis is critical.

Hinged Ankle Brace 
by Ossur

As with all Ossur orthopedic products, this brace is designed with the latest cutting-edge technology that will enhance your rehabilitation.

This hinged ankle brace is recommended for ankle injury rehabilitation of grade I, II, III, and will offer you far more stability than soft ankle supports.

Ease of use in terms of putting on any ankle foot orthosis and your degree of comfort when walking is always a prime consideration. You will find that the low-profile design of this ankle brace is very comfortable and fits easily into most shoes.

Putting on this brace is a simple and quick operation due to the front closure system.  Once on, you can go about your activities with confidence, because the brace will be very securely held in place.

Another ankle brace option among the Ossur orthopedic produts is theOssur Rebound Hinged Ankle Brace with Stability Strap , that offers even more support and stability than the Rebound brace discussed above. Your actual weight may be a consideration when deciding which one of these ankle braces is the best one for you.

Ossur, headquartered in Iceland, is a global leader in all types of orthopedic and prosthetic products. This company takes great pride in the outstanding quality of its innovative products. Thousands of people who have been temporarily or permanently disabled have led more mobile lives because of Ossur.

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