Ossur Orthopedic Products

The best orthopedic devices on the market are made by Ossur, the global leader in orthotics designed to enhance the movement of the ankle and foot.

For mild or moderate foot drop, Ossur offers the Foot-Up Foot Drop Orthosis, a lightweight ankle foot orthosis that is remarkably easy to put on.

The Foot-Up orthosis is made up of two main parts – a cushioned ankle strap made of a comfortable, breathable fabric, and a plastic inlay that fits between the tongue and laces of the shoe.

Wear this foot drop brace and, like many others, you may very well find yourself walking normally.

Ossur Air Equalizer Low Top Walking Boot

If you’re rehabilitating from an injury to your ankle or foot, you’ll want to know about this great walker, the Ossur Air Equalizer Walking Boot.

Shown in the photo is the low top walker with an air pump that automatically adjusts the air to provide the right compression and fit, so that pain and swelling are kept under control.

An extra feature that adds to the value of this Ossur product is the special sole that absorbs shock when you walk.

The design of the frame features a wide base for extra stability. Even so, this Ossur walker boot is very lightweight, so it’s not hard to elevate your leg while you have it on. Reviewers report that it’s easy to put on and comfortable to wear, while being very sturdy.

A high top walker air equalizer boot is also available. Both high and low top boots come in five sizes and can be worn on left or right foot.

Another great orthotic device from Ossur for moderate foot drop is the Leaf Spring AFO. The design of this orthosis includes a semi-rigid section that assists with toe clearance and support, along with a thin, flexible foot plate that can be trimmed with scissors for a custom fit. The absence of a heel section on the foot plate makes this Ossur ankle foot orthosis easy to fit into a wide variety of shoes. Also, if you are wearing pants, it will not be noticeable at all.

Whatever your need, whether bracing and supports for your spine, knee, foot and ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb, you will not find better better non-invasive orthopeadics than those made by Ossur. If you or someone you love is an amputee, you will be guided to the perfect prosthesis to transform your life to one of confident activity.

This company’s long-standing slogan is “Life Without Limitations.” The outstanding quality of the orthotic products discussed in this article attest to the commitment of this global company to make their slogan a reality. If you or someone you love suffers from permanent or temporary loss of movement in their ankle and/or foot, look carefully what Ossur orthotics has to offer to make your life easier.

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