Ossur Leaf Spring AFO

One of the best braces for drop foot is the Leaf Spring AFO by Ossur.

This polypropylene afo is lightweight and easier to wear than the bulkier devices for foot drop. Some reviewers say that before long, they don’t even notice they have it on, and are able to wear it all day.

A semi-rigid section that assists with toe clearance and support is combined with a thin, flexible foot plate that can be trimmed with scissors for a custom fit.

If you really need support and strength along with comfort, this leaf spring afo may be precisely what you need.
SIZING: 4 options are available for sizing:

small/medium left for 5’8″ and under
small/medium right for 5’8″ and under
large right
large left
The link and photo above are for the small/medium for the right foot, but the other sizes can be ordered on the same detail page.

The absence of a heel section on the foot plate makes this Ossur ankle foot orthosis easy to fit into a wide variety of shoes. Once you’ve created your custom fit, you don’t need to worry about adjustments; you will be good to go whatever shoes you wear.

Many people with drop foot are self-conscious about their problem, and really need an orthotic device that is not so obvious when they have it on. This leaf spring fits the bill; if you are wearing pants, it will not be noticeable at all.

But the most important thing is that this afo has plenty of good reviews attesting to the great support it provides.

Plus, several reviewers point out that this Ossur leaf spring costs considerably less than similar devices their doctors wanted them to buy. So, please give this Ossur orthopedic product a try before spending hundreds of dollars on a different foot drop brace.

Put an end to dragging your foot or constantly stumping your toe with this excellent leaf spring ankle foot orthosis.

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