Ossur Foot-Up Drop Foot Brace

Ossur 07810 1 Foot Up size 1 medium

This super lightweight AFO by Ossur has shown to be very effective at normalizing a person’s gait who otherwise has trouble lifting one of his feet when walking.

If you drag your foot due to mild or moderate foot drop, try the easy-to-wear Ossur Foot-Up Brace. This is the regular/medium size which fits an ankle circumference of 7 – 8.25 inches.

(Please note: This foot drop product is designed to be worn with lace-up shoes only, not shoes with velcro. Ossur also makes a Ossur Foot-up – Shoeless Accessory , designed to be worn barefoot. It comes in 4 sizes, in black or beige. )

If you have struggled with hard braces, even custom ones that cost you a lot of money, you owe it to yourself to try this Foot-Up Brace .

This lightweight AFO brace provides support the moment the foot is raised; hence its name, “Foot-Up.” Yet, it is very easy to put on and practically invisible when worn with pants.

This Foot Up drop foot brace is available in black, and in sizes medium, large, and extra large.

Two main components make up the ankle foot orthosis Foot-Up device: an ergonomic ankle strap and a plastic inlay that fits discreetly between the tongue and laces of the shoe.

The plastic inlay attaches to the ergonomic ankle strap by means of a super strong elastic strap, which has a quick release clip.  The “Foot-Up” AFO brace will provide immediate and visible improvement in a person’s gait, whether from foot drop or ligament injuries in the ankle.

This noticeable improvement in the person’s gait leads to another very important benefit: an immediate rise in the person’s self-confidence when walking in public places.

Since the medical profession is so oriented toward heavy, expensive orthopedics, your foot doctor may not yet be aware of this product, but you both will be intrigued by the enthusiastic reviews.

Foot-Up Replacement Inlay

You may want to buy the Foot-Up Replacement Inlay to go along with your order of the Foot-Up device if you expect to use this AFO ankle brace with more than one pair of shoes. This is actually an extra inlay that will make using this AFO even more convenient, since the inlay can stay attached to your shoe all the time.

So, in your closet each shoe can have its own inlay. Once you choose which shoes to wear, in no time you will have the inlay in the shoe attached to the ankle component of the Foot-Up AFO, and you are good to go. This extra inlay is available simply for your added convenience.

The replacement inlay comes in black to match the brace, and can be ordered separately if you decide to buy it later.

Peroneal Nerve and Foot Drop

One the main reasons for foot drop is damage to the peroneal nerve (a branch of the sciatic nerve that runs just below the knee), which is responsible for the muscles that lift the foot and toes. Besides the inability to lift the foot from the ankle in a normal manner, other symptoms of peroneal nerve damage include a decrease in sensation on the top of the foot and/or on the outer part of the upper or lower leg, and numbness or tingling in these areas.

Damage to the peroneal nerve can result from an accident (such as one that delivers a sharp blow to the side of the knee), a degenerative disease, or it can occur as a complication of surgery.

Once damage to the peroneal nerve is suspected, the patient will be carefully observed by his doctor, and is likely to undergo electrodiagnostic testing to determine the extent of injury to the  peroneal nerve.  Electrodiagnostic testing  evaluates the cause of pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and fatigue, all of which are symptoms of peroneal nerve damage.  Electrodiagnostic tests look at nerve and muscle function to see if a nerve is “pinched” or not functioning well.

If the nerve damage is not too serious, the peroneal nerve is likely to regenerate itself. In such a case, the symptoms of foot drop may go away within three months or so.

Also, during the time of observation, physical therapy is advised, along with the use of an ankle foot orthosis to provide stability for the ankle and foot while walking.

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