Ossur Equalizer Air Low Top Walker

Speed up your recovery after an ankle or foot injury with the Ossur Equalizer Air Walker. This pneumatic walking boot is also an excellent medical boot to wear after foot surgery.

Ossur Air Equalizer Low Top Walking Boot

The patented pneumatic system equalizes the air and adjusts the compression, creating a custom fit just for you. This means no more struggling in frustration to get something to fit right.

The result is that many users find the pain and swelling that accompanies injuries and the post-operative rehabilitation period to be significantly – and very quickly – reduced when they wear this comfortable pneumatic cam walker by Ossur.

Since cam walkers with a “pneumatic” feature conform to the leg and ankle, they do a better job at controlling movement of the foot and ankle and reducing swelling than do cam walkers without this advanced technological feature.

Just think of what a difference this can make for you, as your healing is accelerated.

The lightweight, low top design means that this Ossur walking boot cast is so comfortable to wear that you won’t mind at all putting it on.

It is so lightweight that you can keep it on while you sit down to elevate your foot. Yet at the same time it does a great job of keeping your leg and foot straight.

Something else you will like is that this medical cast boot is designed so that the back of the boot holds your heel firmly in place. so that it doesn’t slide out the back of the boot.

Another plus of this product is that the wide base design enhances your stability and sense of security when wearing this boot. When you have suffered an injury, your physical and emotional security as you carry on with your activities is paramount to your well-being.

Physical therapists, podiatrists, as well as orthopedic doctors highly recommend this orthopedic boot. These professionals in the field of orthopedics understand the unique value of the patented pneumatic system for better and faster healing.

Five sizes are available: small, medium, large, extra small, and extra large. The photo above and link are for the medium size. Use this measurement to gauge which size you actually need: from the bottom of your foot to the top edge of the boot is 11″.

If you walk a lot outside, you’ll be glad to know this boot is easy to clean and doesn’t retain moisture or odor.

One tip to take note of is to be sure and wear a shoe with a thick sole of 1″ on your good foot, so that you are level when you walk. Also, users of this walking boot recommend wearing thick socks with it.

The low Amazon price of this high quality cast boot and the fast delivery translates into great value. You would pay a whole lot more at your local medical supplies store.

Since it’s an Ossur product, you can be sure that the most advanced technology was used in the design and manufacture of this orthopedic walking boot. Ossur’s inspiring slogan – “Life Without Limitations” – demands the highest standard for the creation of orthopedic products for the areas of the human body most vulnerable to injury. These areas include the spine, knee, ankle and foot, as well as shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb.

Just look to Ossur for non-invasive orthopaedics when any of these areas have been injured and need stabilization. Accept no limitations in your healing! Heal fast, and heal well. Get the best support with the Ossur Air Equalizer Walking Boot.

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