Orthotic Inserts by Powerstep

If you need medical grade orthotic shoe inserts, then  the Powerstep® ProTech Full Length shoe insoles are for you.

Recommended by podiatrists for people suffering from serious foot pain or who need very strong arch support, these orthotic inserts by Powerstep are a top selling product in foot care.

These double layered orthotics are made of medical-grade polypropylene shells for the ultimate in support.  A special heel cushion will cradle your heel in just the right way to reduce the stress of heel pain.

Whether you need relief from the the pain of plantar fasciitis or  heel spurs or the discomfort of fallen arches, these orthotic inserts by Powerstep will make a tremendous difference to you throughout your day.

Many reviewers who even suffer back pain because of their foot problems report serious and sustained relief.

These power step insoles are durable and long-lasting. Expect a pair to last for several months, if not longer.  One very satisfied reviewer said she’s worn them everyday for over a year.

A wide variety of sizes are available for both men and women, so you are sure to find exactly the right size you need for your own custom fit.

Several people say they had bought these shoes inserts the first time from their doctor or local drugstore at a significantly higher price than Amazon’s price.  One podiatrist even charged more than twice as much and said a doctor’s office was the only place to get them! So be sure and check out the links here and pay a lot less money.

Powerstep is a leading brand of high-quality orthotic shoe inserts worn by athletes, nurses, and by others who are on their feel for hours a day. The inserts featured here are among their most popular, with over 100  “5-star” reviews.  Order your own pair of medical-grade Powerstep insoles and enjoy walking again!

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