Orthotic Inserts by Dr. Scholl’s

Tri-Comfort Inserts by Dr. Scholl’s

Tri-Comfort Orthotic Shoe Insertsby Dr. Scholl’s are clinically proven to reduce pain in the three major areas of your foot: the balls of your feet, your arches, and your heels.

Tri-Comfort Orthotic Shoe Inserts – WOMEN

Tri-Comfort Orthotic Shoe Inserts- MEN

This great shoe product from Dr. Scholl is thin but very effective.

You’ll enjoy plenty of comfortable foam cushioning  to reduce impact, yet your feet will still have plenty of room.  The 3/4 design means that they will fit perfectly into many shoes, no matter what the shape of the toe box.

Excellent arch support is provided by the unique FlexiSpring design. No matter how long you stay on your feet, your arches will be well supported.

If you have plantar fasciitis, try these Dr. Scholl’s Tri-Comfort Orthotics Inserts if other products are not giving you the support you need.  Many sufferers of plantar fasciitis say these are the best shoe inserts they’ve ever used for plantar fasciitis.

As your pain is relieved, your fatigue will melt away, as well. You can enjoy walking again.

These orthotic shoe inserts can be worn with dressy,  casual, or athletic shoes. They are also great with boots. However, with this design you would not want to wear them with sandals, open sided shoes, or flats.

Before trying  this inexpensive alternative from Dr. Scholl. Several reviewers say they received just as much pain relief and support from these Tri-Comfort orthotic shoe inserts as they would expect from custom made inserts. Save yourself some time and money and try these shoe inserts first.

Order here and receive a pack of three pairs of inserts, which come out to only $5.54 a pair. The same product for men is available at a slightly higher price. See the links above for easy ordering from Amazon of these orthotic inserts.

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