Offloading Boot for Heel

If you have foot drop, and are worried about heel pressure sores, the Offloading Boot Heelift AFO is a product you should know about.

This ankle foot orthosis completely offloads the heel, thus greatly reducing the development of heel pressure sores or ulcers.

The design consists of a semi-rigid brace encased in a soft foam exterior wrapping that you can customize for just the right fit.

Unlike rigid braces, this Heelift AFO will not cause discomfort to your other leg. At the same time, it provides the best possible control of the ankle’s position and motion – so necessary for healing – while also allowing a limited amount of weight bearing.

The foam exterior of this semi-rigid AFO is durable, yet soft and smooth enough to move easily on your sheets when you are in bed.

Your leg will be held in place with an Ultra-Grip breathable fabric lining you should find to be very comfortable. This lining is water-resistant and can be wiped off daily to maintain cleanliness.

You’ll appreciate the non-slip sole which assists in weight bearing while offering the security of extra traction. (Assistance is still advised, however, for patients when walking.)

This afo is designed to help people treat foot drop and help prevent the worsening of foot drop, but it can be very useful for other foot problems. Consider using this afo for dorsiflexion ankle support for paralyzed legs, plantar fasciitis treatment, the treatment and prevention of plantar flexion contracture, and the treatment of Achilles tendonitis. Actually, if you need a comfortable night splint for any reason, this Heelift AFO looks like an excellent device with several advanced features.

This is a new product from Heelift, so online reviews are not yet available. Yet, all indications are that this AFO will become a highly successful treatment device for foot problems, including but not only foot drop.

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