Medical Knee Scooter

Drive Medical Knee Walker Model 790

If you want an alternative to crutches after a foot or ankle injury, check out the top-rated medical knee scooter from Drive Medical.

Enjoy easier mobility by using a knee walker scooter instead of uncomfortable crutches.

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The Drive Medical knee walker 790 will allow you to get rid of your crutches and get around easily even in narrow places.

Great reviews numbering over 2,000 attest to the stability, comfort, and maneuverability offered by this walking aid. No other product of this type comes close to generating so much enthusiasm from owners. Descriptions of this item often use the words “amazing” and “excellent.”

Among the specific features that make this product so great are front wheel steering with fully maneuverable front wheels (not wheels that only face forward), and a deluxe dual braking system.

The steering is so awesome that you can make a u-turn in the most narrow of places. If you have to keep weight off your foot for several weeks after surgery, won’t your life be easier if you can have this kind of mobility?

Convenient hand brakes on each side of the handle bars, activated by a chrome button, can be used to slow you down or to lock the brakes.

The padded knee channel made of firm foam offers the ultimate in comfort, so you can extend your time using the knee walker without your leg getting tired. The hand grips are made of a soft rubber that is easy to hold onto to.

Adjusting the height of the leg set and handles is easy and does not require tools, so you can get the perfect “fit” for ease of use and safety. The weight limit goes up to 300 lbs, so most people can use this walker.

You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to store or transport this knee walker, thanks to its  steering column that conveniently folds down.  Since it only weighs 19 lbs, it’s easy to lift and can fit into the backseat or trunk of a car with no problem, making it easy to transport to work or to a store.

The 8″ wheels easily glide on indoor flooring including carpet, or on outside surfaces such as smooth sidewalks or parking lots.  On rough or bumpy surfaces,  you will have to put out more effort and be more careful.

One safety issue to keep in mind is the importance of locking the brakes when getting on or off, so the walker is completely stabilized. It’s smart to do this even when you’re just bending down to pick something up off the floor.  Remembering this simple safety tip will make the knee walker even safer for you.

When you scoot around your office or in a store on the DV8 steerable knee walker, be prepared for admiring glances and interested questions. Made of highly durable pewter-colored aluminum, with a black matte painted steering column and brushed chrome handlebars, its appearance is definitely attractive, even classy.

Two accessory items that you might want to consider are the Schwinn quick release wire basket to attach to the handlebars and the knee scooter pad cover.

If you plan on using your knee walker for shopping trips, obviously the wire basket would be helpful.  For some people, this is a must have item.

The other item is the pad cover which provides extra comfort for your leg. You may or may not feel you need this. Some people do, some don’t.

With the excellent DV8 Steerable Knee Walker, you can whiz along in style and comfort while your foot receives the rest it needs for complete healing.

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