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Treat ankle injuries including high ankle sprains with a McDavid ankle brace.

REVIEWS of 3 Top McDavid Ankle Braces:

McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace

Among athletes and trainers, the lightweight ankle brace by McDavid is a popular laced brace worn to stabilize a weak or sprained ankle while playing sports. In fact, this brace is among the bestsellers for sports and other physical activity.

Anyone who has ankle problems will find this brace to offer outstanding support. McDavid rates this orthosis as providing Protection Level III, which is the maximum level. If your ankle has been causing you pain that more serious than a light, sporadic pain, then this ankle brace is the one you need.

This very lightweight brace is made of two layers of nylon and vinyl mesh fabric.  An exclusive moisture control material keeps your foot cool and dry.  The absence of solid materials like metal or plastic ensures the greatest flexibility and comfort.

Choose from several sizes for this laced brace in white or black. Each one will fit either your left or right ankle.

When you have an ankle sprain of any kind, but especially high ankle sprains, it’s vital to keep your ankle stable and protected for healing to take place. You can feel totally confident that this McDavid lightweight ankle brace will provide every ounce of support you need.

McDavid Ankle Brace with Straps

Replace the time and effort involved in taping your ankle using athletic tape and steel stays by wearing this very effective laced ankle brace with straps. This McDavid is designed with figure six cross strap, which provide more stable support than standard lace-up straps. They can be adjusted at any time without removing your shoe.

This ankle brace is also both lightweight and durable, and you can expect it to last for a long time. The shell is made of nylon and vinyl and the lining is padded for increased comfort. Arch support adds to the comfort of this athletic ankle support.

Like the brace reviewed above, this one provides Protection Level III support for moderate to severe ankle pain. This ankle brace is also among the bestsellers in the category of athletic supports.

Like the first McDavid brace reviewed, this one fits either the right or left ankle. Choose from several sizes in black or white.

McDavid Elastic Ankle Brace

When you need mild to moderate ankle support for sports like basketball or for simply walking, the McDavid elastic ankle brace is an excellent option. Comments by users of all ages – from young teenagers to seniors – indicate that this elastic ankle brace provides the right level of support to keep their weak ankles stabilized and pain-free.

While other elastic braces can become uncomfortable in a few hours or feel as it they are cutting off your circulation, this one gets high marks for being comfortable for many hours, without pinching or scratching. You can easily pull a sock over this elastic support and wear it with shoes.

Plus, unlike elastic ankle braces of lesser quality,  this one  will still hold its shape and tension after repeated washings.

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The McDavid Company

Whether you are an athlete who is anxious to get back onto the court or out into the field, a runner who misses your daily run, or perhaps a busy homemaker with a family that depends on you,  McDavid ankle braces will get you back in action right away.

The McDavid company began designing innovative supports for athletes in 1969, and has since become the most widely used and recommended brand of braces among sports professionals or anyone needing ankle support.

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