Health Dangers Caused by High Heels

High heels are at most uncomfortable, and that includes even the most luxurious pairs, after hours of walking they leave your feet aching. There is a reason to the madness though they pretty, sexy and high in fashion. Yet there is a high price to pay for being in fashion, and that is that high heels can cause serious problems, to your back, posture and your feet.

While wearing your prettiest pair you are elevated an on your heel, what podiatric surgeons say is that your weight is shifted from the heal to the ball of your foot. The higher the heel, the sexier you feel, yet it in reality the higher the heel is, the more pressure and weight get moved forward. This also causes your hips and knees to push forward and in order to counterbalance your back has to hyperextend. The result is that it could end up in hip, leg and back pain due to the misalignment of the entire skeleton it is really bad for anyone to walk in high heels for hours. Only then the problems it causes to your feet can be listed, these are the noticeable damages to your ankles and your feet, so before you step into those amazing stilettos, you might want to read a bit more about the price you’ll have to pay later in life.

The top reason for Cosmetic Problems of the Feet

Hammertoes are when the toes are all bent into a downward position, and this is a permanent condition, caused by high heels. Other problems include swollen bony bumps on both sides of the big toe also known as bunions, and then there is also the danger of suffering from ingrown toenails.

High Heels can Cause Real Injuries.

Wearing high heels means you are overusing muscles and just like problems top sportsmen and women suffer from, high heels could cause all sorts of muscle pains. During walking you straining your tendons and ankle, which could lead to agonising tendonitis. Due to the elevation, high heels offer your weight is placed forward. The Achilles tendon shortens as most tension is taken off it. Millions of older women are battling to wear flat shoes due to their tendons being so tight from the overuse of stilettos. They suffer from discomfort until such time as tendons are stretched back to the length they’re meant to be.

Morton’s Neuroma

More immediate injuries of repeatedly wearing high heels include twisted ankles, Stress Fractures & painful feet. With the front of your foot taking more pressure from the extra weight shifted forward several women have suffered stress fractures, while pinched nerves are quite painful and caused by high heels. Another problem is Morton’s neuroma, which the ball of your foot around the third or fourth toe occurs, while a calcium build-up can take place and lead to heel pain as well as arthritis.

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