Futuro Plantar Fasciitis Night Sleep Support

Another foot brace to consider is the Futuro Night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support, which has a simpler design than the other two splints for plantar fasciitis reviewed on this site.

There is only one strip of hard plastic for support, which is at the front of the foot part, and the rest is a soft fabric with velcro fasteners. You may find this design to be more comfortable to wear in bed than the Form Fit or Cramer splints, especially since it doesn’t come up far on your leg.

However, this product comes in only one size but both the calf strap and the foot strap are adjustable. In order to know if this foot splint will really fit you, measure the circumference of your leg two inches above your ankle bone. If this measurement is between 8 and 15 inches, you can wear this splint. Otherwise, it will be too big or too small.

Do you need to take a splint with you when you travel? This one is not a structured boot-type splint, so it is easy to pack.

Many reviewers say this lightweight splint is easy to walk around in, if necessary.

One issue with the Futuro night splint does need to be noted. Since it is primarily made of a soft fabric, there are some complaints about it not holding the foot securely all through the night. As some people note, this may just be a matter of adjusting the straps adequately.

Like the other splints, this one does what it is designed to do: hold your foot in a 90 degree angle toward your leg so the plantar fascia ligament is gently stretched. Most of the reviewers say this overnight stretching results in significant lessening or even elimination of the heel pain and the pain on the bottom of their foot. You may get this great effect after only one night or it might take a week.

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