DORSI-LITE Foot Splint

The DORSI-LITE Foot Splint shown in the photo is a great AFO for several foot problems, such as foot drop, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and heel spurs.

If you have any of these issues, this day and night foot splint is one of the best splints available.

Advertised as the smallest and lightest dorsi-flexion support on the market today, this Dorsi-Lite foot splint ankle foot orthosis can be used with or without shoes and is water-safe, so you can even wear it while swimming, bathing or showering.

Enjoy walking with a gait that is very close to normal with full ankle mobility when you wear this ankle foot orthosis. When at rest, your foot will be maintained in a neutral position.

Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint

Designed with a gray plastic spine and black straps made of a breathable, latex-free fabric, this splint allows most of your foot to be exposed. Whether you are wearing this orthosis with shoes or slippers or as a night splint in bed, you don’t have to worry about it slipping off. You can wear the Dosi-Lite foot splint with full confidence.

Many people who need help with one of the foot problems mentioned above have trouble sleeping in foot brace or splint, so they don’t get the full benefit these products are supposed to provide. But the Dorsi-Lite foot splint is so lightweight (less than 3 oz!) that wearing it in bed should be relatively easy to adjust to.

If you expect to this wear this orthosis in water often, a 4-piece replacement fabric components set is available. If you have the extra fabric, then you can don’t have to deal with waiting for wet fabric to dry before putting your splint back on. Switching the fabric components, which utilize Velcro, is easy to do and should take you less than a minute to accomplish. So, if you picture yourself keeping this foot splint on when you take a shower, for instance, the replacement fabric is a really good idea.

This product is made to fit adults and children with US sizes 5 – 13, and is sold singly to fit either foot. If support is needed for both feet, please note that two Dorsi-Lite foot splints need to be purchased.

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