Cramer E4 Dorsal Night Splint

Here’s a dorsal night splint you can wear all night long in bed without it bothering you.

Great reviews attest to the comfort of the Cramer E4 Dorsal Night Splint.  This may very well be the best night splint for plantar fasciitis. People with achilles tendonitis and painful heel spurs also report significant pain relief after using this product.

Are you one of the many people who hate wearing anything on their feet at night, even socks?But if you need to get rid of foot pain, then it’s time to seriously wearing a splint at night. Especially if you’ve tried ice, stretching exercises for your feet, orthotics in your shoes, and even cortisone shots, and still have too much pain on the bottom of your foot or in your heel, then try a night splint for pain relief.

Sharp, shooting pain whenever you step out of bed in the morning is not something you should live with. Often the night splints a podiatrist recommends are clunky and cumbersome, and many times more expensive.  But this one is not bulky at all, and because it is so open, it won’t make your foot hot during the night.

As you can see in the photo, not only is the bottom of this splint open,  but there is no covering over the heel or toes.  It is hard to imagine an effective night splint that could allow for more air circulation.

Some people notice improvement in their foot pain after only one night of wearing this splint.  Of course, everyone is different, but the comments from users of the Cramer E4 Dorsal Night Splint indicate that it doesn’t take long for their pain to go away, if they’re using the splint on a consistent basis.

How this Night Splint is Designed

The outside of this splint is made of a sturdy plastic so it can hold your foot, but the plastic is molded smoothly and has no rough edges.

Inside is a fabric liner with a thin layer of padding. This keeps your foot from actually touching the plastic.

The two velcro straps that wrap around the leg and the one for the foot make it possible to get a really good fit for your foot.

This plantar fasciitis night splint is adjustable for either the right or left foot.  A Left/Right designation will indicate which way to wrap the strap that goes over the foot.

Included is a separate velcro pad made of non-skid rubber that you can attach to the bottom if you want to. This makes it a little easier for walking if you don’t want to remove the splint during the night to go to the bathroom.

However,  many wearers say since the splint is easy to take on and off once you have the straps adjusted just right, that it’s just as well to remove it when you need that bathroom visit.


It’s noted in the reviews that the sizing chart that comes with the product is more accurate than what’s shown online. So, for the best fit, follow these guidelines from the manufacturer’s sizing chart:

Order the small for men’s size 5 -10, and women’s size 5 – 9&1/2

Order the large for men’s size 10&1/2 – 16, and women’s size 10 – 16.

If you look at the photos of the other leading night splints for plantar fasciitis you’ll see how bulky these are compared to the one featured here.  You’ll see how much of your foot and leg is encased with these other night splints.  They really don’t look very comfortable for sleeping!

For a good night’s sleep and reduced foot pain in the morning, try the Cramer E4 Dorsal Night Splint.

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