Basic knowledge about foot injuries when playing soccer

Foot injury when playing soccer is a common phenomenon in many people, so how to find the best treatment and treatment?

Football is a favorite sport for many people, but when participating in this sport, many people cannot help from having ankle injuries. Here are some types of foot injuries that many people suffer from when playing soccer:

A hamstring strain injury

During intense exercise, the hamstring area may stretch beyond the limits and tear the tendon – this is called a hamstring strain injury. Depending on the severity can be divided into 3 levels of hamstring strain injury.


Trauma ankle injury

Ankle dislocation is the most common injury in football. This is a soft (mostly ligament) injury around the ankle when the ankle is twisted inward. As with ligament injuries, the wrapper around the ankle joint can also be damaged, causing bleeding, pain and swelling.

Injury torn knee disc

This is also an injury that happens quite often in football. There are 2 intervertebral discs inside each knee joint made up of interconnected fibers. Injuries occur when these two buffer areas are injured. When we bend our knees, the thigh bone curls up, rotates and glides on the upper surface of the shin bone. However, if this rotation is affected by weight, the disc will be squeezed and stuck between the two bones. This can result in torn padding. This injury causes pain and swelling in the knee. With a small tear, it is easy to recover. But with the large tear will hinder the movement even heavier players have to retire from competition.

Herniation injury

Hernias and groin injuries are one of the most common injuries in sports, especially in football when a player has to shoot, move fast and turn around. A person with a hernia will have difficulty sitting or moving and have pain in the groin area. At this stage, the player or athlete can still continue to play sports but the injury will become more serious.


Cross cruciate ligament injury before ACL

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is located deep in the knee joint between the femur and shin bone. Its function is to prevent excessive forward movement of the leg in relation to the thigh and to protect the rotation of the knee joint. The ACL can be injured for a variety of reasons, most commonly when the player’s leg is twisted when it lands after a jump or too wide knee. An ACL injury is also caused by a direct collision on the field.

These types of upper ankle injuries usually occur when people are playing soccer. When there are signs or symptoms of ankle pain, football players should stop moving and ask to go out to the game for the fastest treatment.

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