ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The best ankle support according to coaches and college athletes is the ASO Ankle Stabilizer.

If you’re concerned about turning your ankle or injuring it in some way when playing basketball, tennis, soccer, etc., then do what so so many other athletes have done, and wear this ASO ankle brace.

Even if you don’t play sports, but have issues with pronation or a weak ankle, or even have had ankle surgery, you’ll find this brace to be extremely supportive and beneficial.

The many 5-star reviews indicate tremendous satisfaction with this product.

Buy the ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis online at a big discount.  One reviewer said his doctor’s office was going to charge him three times as much for this same ankle brace.

Figure 8 Ankle Brace

The stabilizing straps form a figure 8  design to provide the ultimate in ankle protection and support. This design mimics the most professional athletic taping you could apply.

In addition, an elastic cuff closure adds even more support to the stabilizing straps and serves to secure the laces.

Enjoy the low profile of this brace, which will fit easily in almost any kind of shoe.  Many comments include remarks about how comfortable this brace is to wear, even for extended periods of time.

ASO ankle braces are manufactured in the United States according to the highest standards; therefore, you can expect these ankle support braces to last for a long time.  Look for the cool ASO logo to know you are buying the best ankle brace for your particular need.

For the price offered online for the ankle brace featured on this page, you would be receiving a tremendous value.

Sizing for the ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Although the image link above is for the medium size, you can change the size on the detail page to several other sizing options.  Available are small, medium, large,  extra large, extra small,  XXlarge, XXXlarge, and XSmall.

One brace comes with your order, and fits either the right or left foot.

Use this convenient sizing chart to find the perfect fit for your foot.

Sizing Chart for ASO Ankle Brace

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