Ankle Swelling But No Pain: Why?

Ankle swelling but no pain appears relatively common, especially in older people. In some cases, this symptom will quickly disappear and not the warning signs of any serious health problems. However, the ankle swelling but no pain sometimes leaves hidden several underlying causes of danger.

Less physical activity

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cơ thể lười vận động

Muscle inactivity during prolonged can cause thrombosis in the legs, often leading to leaking fluid into the soft tissues and swelling of the ankles. Travel by car or plane-sitting on long distance can also lead to swelling of the ankle but not hurt. Those who are required to sit for long may also develop swollen ankle ailment, called peripheral edema. Stretch the muscles regularly when to sit and walk gently may help reduce swollen ankles due to less active.


Phụ nữ mang thai cũng thường gặp tình trạng mắt cá chân bị sưng, đặc biệt là vào những tháng cuối của thai kỳ

Pregnant women also often suffered the ankle swelling, especially in the last months of pregnancy. Salt and water retention contribute to swollen ankles edema due to pregnancy. The increased pressure in the veins of the leg often leads to leakage of fluid into the soft tissues of ankle. Although swelling of ankle edema is usually harmless during pregnancy but if this condition occurs suddenly or swelling very seriously then maybe this is a sign of the syndrome-products shock – a severe complication during pregnancy.

Overweight and obesity

Sưng mắt cá chân cũng gặp nhiều ở những người bị béo phì, thừa cân.

Swelling of the ankles also met many in people with obesity, overweight. Excess body fat increases pressure on a vein in the leg and the abdomen, increased pressure in the blood vessels and promotes the leaking fluid into the soft tissue. Sedentary body also increases the more the pressure foot vein follower. The combined effects of excess body fat and inactivity often leads to swollen ankles. Weight loss and increased physical activity can help reduce ankle sprains due to excess body mass.

Heart failure

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The ankle swelling but no pain are common symptoms in people with heart failure in the level from medium to heavy. The possibility of a weakened heart pump blood makes blood gather in the leg and the kidney area of the country. These factors often lead to swelling of the ankles, feet and legs. The condition of sudden ankle swelling worse may indicate heart failure has progressed in complexity.

Kidney disease

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Ankle swelling but no pain is a common symptom of acute or chronic kidney disease. The kidneys regulate the volume of H2O and mineral salts in the body. Kidney disease usually causes bad stagnant and salt. Limit consumption of salt can help reduce swelling edema legs eyes however any change in diet must also be discussed with the treating physician.

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