Ankle pain and some information you should know

Ankle pain is a painful or unpleasant condition that affects any part of the ankle. The most common cause of ankle pain is sprains.

This is an injury in the ligament area that connects to the ankle bone.Treatment of sprains including cold compresses, bandages, resting, elevation and use of over-the-counter pain relievers.

What is ankle pain?

Ankle pain describes pain or discomfort in the ankle. Ankle pain may:

– Affects one or both ankles.

– A lot of reasons.

– Occurs at any age.

– Influence the ability to move and move.

The ankle focuses many small joints with tendons running from the feet to the feet. Because the structure is quite complicated, just having a few small effects can hurt the ankle.

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Who is prone to ankle pain?

Anyone of any age can have ankle pain. Ankle pain is often caused by falling accidents or sports injuries. Ankle pain is more common in athletes and men often operate under 24 years. In women, ankle pain is common in people over 30 years old.

What causes ankle pain?

The most common cause of ankle pain is sprains. The most common ankle pain is sprain. Sprain is an ankle joint ligament injury. The sprain usually occurs when you accidentally twist or turn your ankle abruptly.Therefore, the ligament that holds the ankle bone and joints together can be stretched or torn.

Ankle pain may also be due to ankle fractures. Other less common causes include arthritis, gout and infection. Another cause of heel pain in people who are jogging is heel tendonitis (Achilles tendonitis).

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Diagnosis of ankle pain

Firstly, the doctor will find out about the symptoms (when the patient starts feeling pain, the severity of the pain …). Then conduct observations, ankle examination. The person may be asked to have an X-ray to determine if the cause of ankle pain is due to sprains or fractures.In some cases, fluid from the ankle joint may be sampled to check for infection or other basic conditions.

Treatment of ankle pain

Treatment of ankle pain depends on the cause of this condition. The patient will often have to rest, limit activity, use crutches to support walking within a few days or weeks, depending on the level of injury.

Other treatments include:

– Apply cold 2-3 times/day to the painful ankle area to reduce swelling.

– Bandages, compression compresses will help fix and support injured ankle.

– Using over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen helps reduce pain and swelling.

– In case of severe ankle injury, surgery may be indicated.

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How to prevent ankle pain?

Should start up thoroughly before exercising, avoid wearing too high shoes and wearing shoes the size of your feet can help prevent ankle injuries. If you have an ankle injury, take a break and follow your doctor’s treatment instructions to help you get better.

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