Aider Drop Foot Brace

Aider Drop Foot Brace Type 1

The Aider Dropfoot Brace is a soft, lightweight AFO made of airprene, and comes in type 1 and type 2.

Aider Dropfoot Brace Type 1

Aider Dropfoot Brace Type 2

Airprene is a material developed as an improvement over neoprene, the material wet suits are made of. Airprene allows more air circulation, so the skin can breathe better and release excess heat, and thus be more comfortable for longer periods of time.

You may find this soft brace to an excellent brace to wear when sleeping at night.

Aider DropFoot Brace Type 2

The type 1 of this foot drop brace has mixed reviews, but most of the ones for type 2 are positive. However, there’s a very interesting review on Amazon from someone who’s been dealing with foot drop for over 40 years, who says the Aider type 1 brace is the best soft drop foot support he’s ever used. So, as with any product, people have different experiences.

The reason the type 2 of this foot care product was developed is that the type 1 was said by many users to be too hard to put on. But, of course, some people manage it quite well, once they get the hang of it.

The type 2 is significantly easier to put on, but some say it’s not as effective as the first design. You can look at the photos above and see the difference in how they are made.

You can look at the photos above and see the difference in how they are made.

A great feature of this soft AFO is that the tension is adjustable, so you can get the right fit that will benefit you the most.

Rest assured that whichever one you try, you will find this ankle foot orthosis to be very thin and lightweight. You can wear it inside your regular shoes (no need to get larger shoes) or with slippers or even barefoot inside your home.

This product from Aider, Inc., is similar to more well-known Ossur’s Foot-Up Food Drop AFO, which is also reviewed on this site.

If you are dealing with foot drop that is mild to moderate, due to a peroneal nerve injury that may perhaps heal, probably the type 2 will work well for you. For more severe foot drop, you should probably go with the Aider foot drop AFO, type 1.

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