7 notes help reduce injuries when running

Running with an electric treadmill will not prevent unwanted injuries. However, we can completely prevent and reduce those injuries.

You can do this to prevent jogging due to jogging with the following conventional electric treadmill:

1. Pay attention to your condition

If your body is only slightly tired or a little bit sore, it does not affect your exercise with the electric treadmill but absolutely do not ignore it when you feel the muscles or a part of your body is hurt. When you experience persistent pain in your muscles or joints, you should run and, although you can rest, you cannot finish the pain completely, so see your doctor to prompt advice and examination.

2. Build a running plan for yourself


Before you start running with an electric treadmill for some purpose, you need to talk to the coach or experienced people. They can help you develop a plan that fits your situation as well as to have a plan that you can engage in for a long time and help you achieve the best results.

3. Run the body before running

Many injuries are caused by not starting or improperly starting. Before and when running with an electric treadmill, you should heat the muscles thoroughly, especially the calves, hamstrings, groin and quadriceps. At the same time, heat the body for 5 minutes by walking or body exercises before starting to stretch the muscles. However, stretching muscles when muscles are not ready can also cause injury.

4. Train your fitness


You should add weight lifting exercises or practice abdominal muscles on your exercise. These exercises strengthen the muscles and develop strength.

These exercises will help you practice with the electric treadmill more effectively as well as if you have a good physical strength, reducing the injury caused by the treadmill will also be increased.

5. Combination training

You should not just focus on jogging with a treadmill but try to combine other subjects like swimming, cycling, tennis or other subjects. These activities will help reduce treadmill injuries because injuries occur when you only practice repeating a single activity. Moreover, the above activities also help refresh the exercises to help you have more excitement to practice.


6. Suitable outfit

Costumes also have a great impact on your injuries. If you wear clothes that are too tight, while running with an electric treadmill, your muscles will be tightened. Running your body to sweat causes a lot of friction on your skin. So the advice is to wear lightweight, breathable and sweat-absorbent clothes that are best.

7. Wear fitting shoes

Running with an electric treadmill is an activity where your feet have to work continuously so you should bring a pair of shoes that fit your feet best, not wearing too big or too tight shoes will cause injuries. Wear socks that support your legs well and reduce sweat odor in your shoes. If you see that the sole of the shoe is worn, it’s time to buy a new pair. If you have foot problems like flat or high arches, consider using your shoe inserts.

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