4 tips to prevent injuries in football

Injury during a match can happen at any time, no one knows in advance. But remember one important thing, a lot of injuries can be prevented.

Here is the advice of health professionals to help you reduce the risk of injury.

1. Matching shoes

When it comes to soccer shoes, don’t choose them just for fashion. Choose a kind of shoes that are comfortable and practical. Make sure to wear shoes that are not too tight or too loose. Do not be afraid to use inappropriate shoes because in the long run, it will cause negative effects on your feet, from the soles of the feet, ankles, knees can all be badly affected. In addition, you need to pierce through the holes in the shoes because it will help contact between the foot and the shoes are not dislocated leading to injury.

A tube seal also works not only to shield the copper tube during impact phases but also to support the ankle.

2. Do not play when you have not fully recovered

Those who miss the ball, the feeling of not competing and just like starving. So they often defy everything to play.

But from a scientific perspective, it was like throwing a chance to recover a 100% injury to a wastebasket. Even professional players with a strong team of dental care, many times rush to the yard and then take a shower early because of recurrent injury. There are even people who will never fully recover forever.

3. Listen to the body

Pay attention to your body, it’s like a machine and it also needs to be taken care of. The feeling of pain is a warning signal from your body to the brain that something is going wrong.

In some cases, our brains neglect this warning by the body’s natural impulses. Surely we all have a time of not realizing that we are hurt when we are playing, only to know about it. With football movement, the more you have to listen to the body because if the injury occurs, the miserable person is not only himself but also a lot of consequences for relatives.


4. Warm-up before competition

The older you are, the more urgent this requirement. Never subjective the dressing field to the playground always. If you do not heat your joints and muscles with warm-up exercises such as light running, sprinting, muscle tension, kicking, rotating joints, jumping, etc., your body will not be able to respond to high-intensity activities immediately. . Imagine your body is like a car that has not been lubricated, the joints do not work smoothly, then the risk of injury is very potential.

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